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Make a donation to the California FFA today.

Thank you for your generosity.


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  • You can contribute to the fundraising campaign by visiting the camapign's donation page, where you'll find options to make a donation online. In addition you can download the Contribution form by clicking on the Donation Form button.

  • While we expect many of our donors will make a recurring donation (pledges) to the campaign, the California FFA Foundation offers a variety of giving methods. Pledges, Planned Giving, IRA Distributions, One-time Cash Gifts, Gifts of Stock, Bonds or other Securities, Employer Matching Gifts, and more. The Foundation strives to work with donors by providing methods of giving that will assist donors in meeting their philanthropic goals. Have something else in mind? Let’s talk.

  • Pledging over five years allows our donors to make a more sizable pledge in a more comfortable way. Donors can make pledged payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual using a schedule and plan that suits their individual needs. The FFA Foundation sends pledge reminders before their due dates as a convenience to donors. Giving is personal, so please make your contribution in the way that feels the best to you.

  • Yes. Contributions to the California FFA Foundation are tax-deductible. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Every donation receives an official receipt from the Foundation that can be used for your tax records.

  • Absolutely, you can make donations in honor or memory of someone special. It's a meaningful way to celebrate their legacy while supporting a cause they care about.

  • The California FFA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with individuals, businesses, and organizations that want to support, through charitable donations, the California Association, FFA programs, events, and operations. The funds donated to the Foundation provide funding opportunities to members such as career and leadership development, scholarships, conventions, and more.

  • Donations support the creation, development, and implementation of the California Association, FFA, curriculum, programs, and events throughout the state. Charitable gifts create access for member opportunities in leadership and career development training and conferences. Your donation will impact over 103,000 members and 356 local chapters throughout California.

  • California FFA programs and opportunities are funded through donations, grants, sponsorships, registration, and membership fees. These funding sources are not guaranteed and can fluctuate for many reasons beyond our control. Furthermore, California FFA membership continues to grow and our budget and ability to serve students must grow as well. To continue providing quality programs and support both the membership and ag educators, the California FFA Foundation needs to secure a reliable and sustainable funding resource. The Seeds of Impact fund will help us meet this need, and when paired with the Foundation’s other charitable funding resources, we will supply the revenue needs of the California FFA’s programs, and events.

  • Any staff member at the California FFA Foundation will be happy to answer your questions. Please call 209-744-1600 or send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions


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